Internet Browsers for Messenger v5 Access

To maintain compatibility with all features and provide the best security features as delivered by each browser, we recommend that you use the latest version of your internet browser to which you have access.

The minimum versions of each main browser required for M5 to function are;

  • IE – v10+ (v8+ will work, but has some limitations)
  • Chrome – v4.0.223+
  • Firefox – v4.0+
  • Safari – v4.0.5+
  • Opera – v11+

Not sure which version or browser you have? This external page might help.

If you have an unsupported browser, please speak with your organisation's IT department to get your browser upgraded. If for any reason you require the older browser (e.g. for a legacy application) please install an additional supported browser alongside the older one (i.e. you need Internet Explorer 6 to operate an old piece of software. As Internet Explorer 6 is an insecure browser you will need to use, for example, Google Chrome to access Messenger v5. The 2 browsers can be run side-by-side without issue).