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Data Privacy Summary

An explanation of data privacy terms and considerations in the context of Groupcall Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and Security documents.

Groupcall Data Sharing Agreements

Messenger v5 Data Sharing Agreement

ParentPaperwork Data Sharing Agreement - Forms and Surveys Messenger Add-On from ParentPaperwork

Emerge Data Sharing Agreement

Xporter Data Sharing Agreement

Data Broker Service Data Sharing Agreement

Messenger v4 Data Sharing Agreement

IDaaS Data Sharing Agreement

XVault Data Sharing Agreement

  • As the data that resides inside XVault is in the possession of the receiving organisation, and not in the control of Groupcall, we do not have a DSA for XVault. The receiving organisation will have a separate Data Sharing agreement either as a standalone document or inclusive in other existing agreements with each sending site (e.g. school). Please see the security summary below for more information as to how XVault processes data.

Groupcall Data Security Summaries

Messenger v5 Security Summary

XVault Security Summary







Sample Data Sharing Agreement

In order to fulfil the role of Data Processor, Partner organisations using Groupcall Limited’s Xporter software will need to have a clear Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) in the context of the Data Protection Act 2003.

We have provided a sample DSA that partners may use to implement their own DSA. These are guidelines only and Groupcall Limited accepts no liability for the contents of any final DSA version. Organisations should always consult their legal team before entering into any agreement, or contract.

Sample DSA for Xporter Partner

Sample DSA for Xporter Partner

Groupcall Limited accepts no responsibility, or liability, for any problems that arise, either directly, or indirectly, from the use of our DSA guidance and template(s).