Important Tips to Improve Emerge Mobile Performance

Are you finding Emerge Mobile is taking a long time, or longer time than expected, to synchronise the data between the app and you MIS?

Do you wait with the loading ‘spinney’ for a long time?

Having issues with Emerge’s loading time? (including ‘timeout’ errors)

Emerge Mobile synchronises important data in your MIS with your app in a secure manner, and this can sometimes be a large volume of information. As a result of this, synchronisation can take some time.

Groupcall are continually refining Emerge to make this process as smooth and quick as possible, but there are some additional factors that can be addressed to manage this problem.

Is it important to note that some of these ‘fixes’ are removing unnecessary tasks than actually speeding up the synchronisation, so they may not all be possible, depending on your requirements. It is strongly recommended that you review and initiate these items where practical:


Server Configuration

Ensure that your Windows server where Emerge Server is installed is fully up to date

Aside from the fact that having an up to date server is critically important to keeping your services secure, Emerge is designed to take advantage of the latest Microsoft patches being applied. Due to the frequency of new updates from Microsoft, Groupcall will not be notifying you of new releases unless they are deemed highly significant and require action.

Ensure .net framework is up to date where Emerge Server is installed

As of November 2017, the minimum requirement is .net Framework version 4.6, but we recommend keeping this update to the latest version at all times.


Device Configuration

Ensure device OS is running the latest updates

For iOS users, Groupcall only support devices that are running the latest or previous version of iOS. As of November 2017, this is iOS 10 and iOS 11. Not that Emerge may continue to work on previous versions, but will not update and will no longer be supported by Groupcall.

For Android users, ensure that the device is running at least Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).


Emerge Configuration

Use Emerge Background Sync

Modern devices allow data to be synced continuously in the background while the device is switched on. By enabling Emerge Background Sync, it will even start to intelligently ‘learn’ when you use the data most often, and so prepare itself to be ready at that time.

Note that using background sync whilst not connected to WiFi will use your data allowance. This can be switched off at any time in the Emerge app settings.

Keep Emerge logged in

Whenever you log out of Emerge, all school data on the device is wiped- this is a feature to improve security. As a result, when you next sign in to Emerge, you will need to download all data again from scratch. If Emerge is kept signed in (PIN locks can be applied), Emerge will be able to continually update the data, which will drastically cut down on the size of the data sync each morning.

Assessment and Conduct Records

In the Emerge Management Console on the server, you can select the amount of data to be synchronised for behaviour records and assessment marksheets. This can be limited to only show behaviour records in the last 3 months, and assessment data limited to the current academic year. By queueing up less data, you will reduce the time taken for the app to load.