Parent Portal

Once you have created an activity, parents receive a message from the school letting them know that they are able to pay for cashless catering or other activities. They will be then able to access the Parent Portal for Messenger Payments.

Logging into the parent portal is very straightforward and doesn’t require you to provide any additional login details to parents.

For steps on how parents can top-up their child’s cashless (lunch) balance, click here.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1) Parents will receive an email from the school letting them know that their child has been assigned to an activity, and that the school requires payment. Ensure that parent emails are up to date in your MIS.

Portan example - parent email

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2) In the email, parents will each be provided with a unique URL, specific to payments for the child set out in the email.

3) Once parents click on the URL they receive (via email), they will be directed to the Parent Portal.

4) Parents will need to enter the last two initial of their child’s surname and then click Submit. Ensure that the child’s surname is correct in your MIS.


POS - Parent portal authentication 

5) Once they are logged into the portal, they will see a list of all payment requests – both for activities and for cashless catering.


1) Parents will see all activities that require payment for their child via their Parent Portal.

2) Under a specific activity, parents will see the Outstanding payment, and can choose how much they wish to pay now (Amount Paying Now).

a. This means parents can choose to pay for an activity in full, or in partial instalments. By default, they will be asked to pay the full amount for the activity.


Parents pay for activity

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3) Once parents have decided how much they wish to pay, they need to toggle the Pay Now field to Yes.

4) If the activity requires parental consent, toggling yes will expand the consent field. Parents must consent to the activity before making their payment.

Provide consent

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5) To complete the payment, parents need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Pay Now.

6) Parents will then be directed to enter their card details and submit payment.

Top Tip: Parents can visit Payments for instructions on how to pay for activities.