Parent Portal (Xpressions)

A secure and convenient way for parents to keep on top of cashless and activity payments is through Xpressions. The free app is a one stop shop for parents to view messages from the school, and allows them to complete payments within the app.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1) Parents need to ensure that they stay logged into Xpressions and have turned on notifications on their mobile device. For further information on how parents can access Xpressions, click here.

2) Parents will receive a notification once you have created an activity and sent payment requests.

New activity notification Xpressions

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3) Parents can click on the notification to view the activity in full and provide payment from their Xpressions.

4) From the activity message in Xpressions, parents will see a link they can tap to access the Parent Portal (without leaving the app).


Top Tip: To ensure parents do receive notifications for new activities, they will need to stay logged into Xpressions and make sure they have turned on notifications.

Cashless Catering (Lunch)

Accessing the parent portal through Xpressions allows parents to quickly top-up their child’s cashless balance without needing to authenticate themselves again.

1) If the lunch activity window is set for an extended period (e.g. for a term), the Lunch item will remain at the top of Xpressions so that parents can keep an eye on the balance and provide top-ups as needed.

Xpressions cashless balance

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2) To top-up their child’s cashless balance, parents need to tap POS_-_Xpressions_cashless_Top-up.png and they will be taken directly to their Parent Portal.

3) Parents need to enter an amount that they wish to top-up (an amount will be recommended but parents can choose to top-up more or less), and toggle the Pay Now field to Yes.

4) To complete the payment, parents need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen(?) and tap Pay Now. They can then enter their card details.



Parents will receive a notification to let them know that their child requires payment for a new activity. Opening the activity in Xpressions will allow parents to consent (if required) and pay without needing to enter any further authentication.

1) From the Xpressions app, parents will see any activities that are outstanding – both new activities and one that have only been partially paid for.

2) Parents need to tap on the link for to instantly access their portal and pay for any activity that is outstanding.

Pay for normal activity in Xpressions

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3) Once the Payment Portal has opened within Xpressions, parents will be able to select the activity the wish to pay for, and how much they want to pay.

Choose payment request on the app

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4) To complete the payment, parents need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Pay Now to enter their card details and complete the payment.


Top Tip: If parents have any trouble logging in, or navigating around the Xpressions app, they can contact the Support Team by emailing However, if parents have any queries regarding payments, their student’s balance, or any other money related queries, they will need to contact the school directly.