What is the Data Broker Service?

The Groupcall Data Broker Service (DBS) is a secure and self-configuring platform allowing ad-hoc movement of data between over 800 schools and other organisations such as Groupcall partners, Academy Groups, or Local Authorities.

Groupcall DBS is typically used where a school either has a centrally or cloud-hosted MIS product and/or where the destination system has Groupcall’s XVault data aggregation product.

Groupcall DBS operates in two modes, depending on your scenario you may be using one or both of those modes. Read on, as this document will explain in more detail.

On-demand DBS
transparent_10x10On-demand DBS allows systems that you authorise for access to make ad-hoc requests for your school data, and an installation of Groupcall Xporter in your school services those requests on demand.  You authorise and revoke access to specific destination systems within your Groupcall Xporter installation.
Cached DBStransparent_10x10Cached DBS creates a cache of some of your school data in the DBS platform, for access by partners you authorise to make ad-hoc requests for your school data.  You authorise specific destination systems by giving them a credential to access it via DBS, and must contact Groupcall to revoke access.