VSS 2012.12 Release Notes

December 2012 release of Groupcall Virtual School

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved missing scroll bar in Behaviour tab
  • Address performance issues when synchronising large datasets from XVault
  • Resolved incorrectly presented Key Stage assessment results in Assessment tab.
  • Resolved issue with incorrect display of drop-down boxes on some browsers


  • Record user logons in VSS database
  • Sort students selector by surname
  • Add advanced search by school name
  • Add advanced search by year group
  • Search results list year group and school name
  • Display Learner last sync time from XVault, and whether the record has been user edited
  • Sort Behaviour by date, newest first
  • Sort SEN by date, newest first
  • Sort Exclusions by start date, newest first
  • Sort Contacts in order of priority
  • Sort Assessment sections by achievement date, newest first.

Other notable mentions:

  • Upgrade reporting engine component to BIRT 3.7.1