Select Contacts

Once you are in the 'Send Messages' area of Messenger v5, your contacts will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen under the “Groups” tab.  The group structure is dynamic and what you see will depend on how your contacts have been synced from the MIS.


Recipients can be selected in any combination of the following methods;


  1. Click in to the search box and begin typing the name of an individual (forename or surname) or a group (such as year, house or any other MIS or saved group),
    • You will see suggestions appear below the search box, simply click the one you need,
    • When you have added all the groups or individuals you require and they are listed in the search box, simply click the 'Add to recipients list' button and/or;
  2. Click the arrow next to a Group field to expand the tree and select the group required and/or;
  3. Select a Contact or Group from within the address book.

Your contact selection can be further refined using Filters;

  • M5_FilterContactsAccessed by the blue hyperlink in the ‘Actions’ column, filters are used to refine the selection further.  Filters are dynamic and will only display the options available in your database, or display a list of contacts from which you can select individuals.
  • Any filters active will be displayed in the filters column.
  • If you then wish to add more recipients from other groups you can do so by clicking on another group and again apply filters as you wish.