Reset Messenger v5 Password

If you forget your password, there is no need to contact Groupcall Support; you can reset it yourself very easily.

On the login page(, you will see a link below where you enter your username saying “Forgotten Password?”Mv5_Forgot_Pwd

  • Just click this link and enter the email address registered with your account[1] along with your username.
  • Select “Send Password”.

You will soon receive an email with a temporary password[2]. If you have entered a mobile phone number in the 'User Preferences' area, you will also receive an SMS with your temporary password.

  • Return to the main login screen, enter this temporary password, and choose login.
  • The system will prompt you to change your temporary password.
  • Where it says “Old Password”, enter the temporary one you were emailed. Choose a new password, of at least 8 characters[3], and confirm it in the box below. Make sure you select a strong password and don’t share it with anyone.
    • If you think your password has been compromised, you can also follow these steps to reset it or the 'Change Password' instructions in the main user guide.


If you see a message advising that "Your account has been locked..." you will need to speak to an administrator (usually the main messenger user) and ask them to unlock it for you in addition to using the forgotten password steps above. Accounts are locked when you enter an incorrect password 3 times so to avoid this happening in future, follow the above steps before guessing your password incorrectly for a third time!


Admins - see this page for help on managing user accounts.

If you forget your username, you will need to ask a school administrator to tell you what it is.



[1] Make sure you enter the email address registered to your account – this was advised to you when you first started using the system unless you have changed it in the ‘User Settings’ area since.

[2] Help – I waited a few hours and still haven’t had an email

  • Check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folders.
  • See above note referring to the email address registered to your account.
  • Make sure you typed your email address correctly.
  • If this still doesn’t work, please call us

[3] We recommend a strong password comprising mixed upper and lower case letters, punctuation and numbers. A strong password should not contain any recognisable words and could be made up from the letters in a memorable phrase – e.g. “tr1S4m0tp!”, is a good example and is made up from “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain”. Have a look at our tips.