How to Ensure a
Strong Password

1) Password Complexity:

  • Should contain at least one character from each of the following group:
  • Lower case alphabet
  • Upper case alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters - !@#$%^& ?_~<>{}[]()

2) Unique Characters:

  • Should contain at least 5 unique characters.

3) Avoid the following:

  • Name of family members, friends or pets.
  • Personal information about yourself or family members. This includes the generic information that can be obtained about you very easily, such as birth date, phone number, car registration number, street name, house number etc.
  • Sequences. i.e. consecutive alphabets, numbers or keys on the keyboard. for e.g. abcde, 12345, qwert.
  • Dictionary words. Dictionary words with number or character in front or back.
  • Real word from any language.
  • Word found in dictionary with number substitution for word look alike (e.g. replacing the letter 'O' with number ''. i.e passw0rd).
  • Any of the above in reverse sequence
  • Any of the above with a number in front or back.

4) Create a unique password every time:

  • When you are changing a password for an existing account, it should not be the same as the previous password. Also, do not use incremental passwords while changing it i.e password1, password2 etc.

5) Never write down your passwords:

  • Creating a very strong password and writing it down on a paper is as bad as creating an easy to remember weak password and not writing it down anywhere.

6) Don’t share with anyone:

  • Anyone includes your colleagues, friends and family.

7) Never send your password to anybody in an email:

  • Several hackers send emails as a support person and asking for your user name and password through email. Legitimate organisations, such as Groupcall, will never ask you for your user name and password either via email or over telephone. If you are receiving remote support, the support person will ask you to enter your password.

8) Change password immediately when they are compromised:

  • Even if you have the slightest doubt that someone might have stolen your password, change it immediately. Don’t even waste a minute.

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