Release Note: Messenger 5.6 May/June 2014


Following Messenger's recent "mini-release" (version 5.6.1) we are pleased to announce that version 5.6.2 will be published on June 19th overnight - as usual the upgrade will be silent and you will see the new features available the first time you log on after this date!


Please note some features require a script update to function fully which will follow a few days after the main website update - please let us know if you believe you have a problem with receiving these updates.

Version 5.6.2 (June)

New Features;

  • Advanced Routing Options.Advanced_Routing_Button
    • Now customisable to achieve lowest cost, fastest or custom message sending routes.
    • A single message will be sent to each recipient in the order specified.
      • e.g. when selecting 'Least Cost' each contact will be sent an email. If a contact does not have an email address, they will be sent an SMS. If they have neither email address or mobile number they will be sent a voice* message or letter accordingly.
      • *voice option requires the appropriate subscription to be active, letter requires the letter option to be ticked in message format/send via.
    • Options configurable centrally in account settings and on demand at time of message sending.
  • History page sending options
    • Resend the same message to all recipients
    • Send a new message to all recipients.



  • When searching by name you can press enter to search instead of having to click the 'search' button with your mouse and the list will default to none selected to make it easier to select the single recipient you require.
  • Improved handling of images uploaded for sending in emails - Messenger now intelligently replaces a space in the filename with an underscore.
    • e.g. "School Trip.jpg" now becomes "School_Trip.jpg" to prevent an error being shown.
  • Retry button in History allows you to resend any messages that were not sent due to Messenger v5 errors such as network problems in the cloud. This is an enhancement to existing functionality that has always allowed you to retry if there is an SMS provider or email error etc. such as those detailed here.
  • UpdateAttendance_IncomingAttendance can be written back to SIMS from all incoming messages, not just replies. This allows parents to text the school at anytime to report absence. Previously this was only possible from messages received as a reply to an attendance message.


Bug Fixes;

  • Additional line breaks have been removed that were appearing in some letter templates - apologies that this one slipped through and may have caused a few of you problems!
  • If a token is blank, the token will display in your message.
    • e.g. If a contact has no student, they will receive a message that says " Dear $StudentName$," instead of "Dear ,"
  • Correction to date display for incoming messages.


Mini Release, v5.6.1 (May):

Click each feature below for more information.


Postal Address token to allow for Mail Merged Letters (SIMS only)
  • Simply insert the token $homeaddress$ wherever you would like a contact's home address to appear.address_token
  • Please note this requires a script update (expected on or around 22/05/14) followed by a full data sync with your MIS to allow addresses to be picked up.
  • Why not update your letter templates now to include this by default?


PreAdmissions (SIMS only)
  • Any child that has an 'Application Status' of accepted will appear in a new group on the recipient selection list so that you can select them along with any other groups as required.
 SIMS Pre-admissions
  • You can also search for those students by name to send individual messages.
  • The Pre-admission group will behave like any other MIS or custom group so you can filter the list as you would with any other group of contacts etc - have a look here for a reminder of this functionality if you need it!
  • Why not use this to message parents of new students starting in September?



Status Message on Messenger v5 Login Screen
  • In the rare event that Messenger v5 has a loss of service or a problem affecting its use you will see a message to the left of the login area advising you of the problem, when you can expect to see it resolved and any action you should take.M5_Status_Example
  • During normal service you will see the standard "Welcome to Groupcall Messenger..." message.


Contact Method Default
  • Choose from "Primary Parental Contact" or "Last Chosen" in Account Settings > "When creating a new message, send to".SendTo_DefaultSetting 
  • You can use this to specify the default behaviour for the "Send To" field on the message recipients selection screen.
    • "Primary Parental Contact"  will always default to send the message to P1 contacts. User can override as required.
    • "Last Chosen" will retain the setting last used for the school account, but can be overridden as required. Use with caution so as to avoid sending more message than intended.SendTo


Account locked warning
  • A message is now displayed advising users that their "account has been locked due to repeated incorrect password attempts." and that they should "contact [their] school administrator to have it unlocked."Locked_Account_Warning
  • School administrators can unlock a user account from the Tools > Manage Users Menu.Unlock User