Release Note: Messenger 5.2.5 May 2013

Summer has arrived! And so has our latest version of Messenger.  We’ve listened to what you have had to say and made our Messenger service even better!

Groupcall would like to thank all of you that take the time and effort to feedback to us.

Please see below for a brief description of the major features added into this release.  We hope that you like it and we’d love you to let us know what you think!

Our latest release is a maintenance release, which includes some bug fixes as well as enhanced features.

What's new?

Multi-Language Display - the languages that your messages will be translated into are now displayed below the compose box.

Messenger Translation

SMS Countdown - for those of you who have purchased SMSs in advance, you can now see exactly how many messages you have left.

Available SMS

Available SMS

Attachment History - as well as your message history, you can now view all of the attachments that you've previously sent.

Messenger Attachment History

Message Usage - as an extension to counting down your remaining free SMSs, you can view your SMS messages balance by selecting Tools > Current Year SMS Usage from the menu. This also includes your purchase history. Please note that this service is updated every 24 hours so you won’t see today’s messages until tomorrow.

Messenger Usage

Password Resets - now you don't need to call us to have a password reset, so that's good for you and good for us too! You can quickly and easily manage your users and we can spend more time assisting you!

Password Reset

What's fixed?

Inconsistent Name Filtering - when you select to filter by name, Messenger will always sort by Surname / Forename.

Time Zone - British Summer Time (BST) will now display correctly in all areas including the Preview screen, the History view and the Incoming messages view. Groupcall Messenger is a global product and we've worked hard with our SMS providers to achieve this. Thank you for your patience!

Parent Languages -Pearson e1 does not display the Parent Language; to mitigate for this we now take the learner language data and copy this across to the parent profiles. We've worked closely with Pearson to resolve this.

SMS Character Length - you will now see the correct warning when the number of characters in the SMS message that you compose exceeds the limit for a standard single SMS.

Messenger Character Limit

Date Filter - it is now much easier to sort messages by the date that they were sent.

Emerge Messages – messages sent from Emerge are no longer displayed as ‘anonymous contact’.

Message Analysis – we’ve enhanced the analytics of ‘closed’ responses from the history tab to include much nicer and more intuitive graphs.

Incoming Messages – if you receive an incoming message that does not correspond to an outgoing message that you have previously sent, then the date and time of the incoming message will be accurate and the message will not be linked to the last one that you sent out.  For example, if you send an absence message to a parent and they do not reply, but later send an unrelated message, this will not be date and time stamp linked to your original request.

RM G2 and Attendance - no more annoying and red moving 'time out', or 'sync processing/pending' messages as a result of G2 not synchronising attendance!

You tell us that Messenger is great! Together we can make it greater still so please do let us know what you think!