Record Voice Message Window

In the pop up window complete the fields shown;

  1. The language, title and script fields are used by the system to help you identify the message in future. It is helpful if you write a brief script of what you will eventually record (please note, the text itself is not used to ‘create’ the message when you use the record function outlined below, however the text will be used to create the message if you don't record one. It will be read by a computerised voice at delivery time).
  2. Enter a phone number, where you can be reached at present, e.g. your mobile or direct dial phone number.
  3. Select the ‘Record Message’ button.

Below is a short video to show you what happens when you record a message - make sure you have audio enabled and the volume turned up!


  • You will shortly receive a phone call to the number you specified whereby you can record your message using an automated service.
  • You will hear a series of prompts to guide you through the process of recording your message. Once you are happy with the message you have recorded and have completed the call as prompted, hang up the phone.
  • This Video shows what happens when the automated system calls you to record the message.
  • When you have recorded the message, you can play it back, delete it and record a new message using the buttons on screen below the text box.



Returning to your computer, select ‘OK’ in the voice pop up window. You can be certain your message has been successfully recorded, thanks to a call status message.
Call Status = connected (Connected) xx seconds. Recorded message found.
You can customise the Voice Message options further using the selection at the bottom of the screen.
  • Voice Template
    • Don't include pre-recorded introduction/prompts
      • Allows the turning off of the introduction script on a per-message basis. When recipients are sent the voice message, by default it will play an introduction, usually playing the school name etc.
  • Text to Speech Voice
    • From voice settings (woman)
      • Applies the default setting as configured in the Account Settings > Voice Settings area by the Groupcall Champion.
    • Man
      • Overrides the default setting and plays text to speech in a male voice.
    • Woman
      • Overrides the default setting and plays text to speech in a female voice
  •  Voice Caller ID
    • Caller ID
      • The number used to 'send' the voice message. Usually set to be the school's main phone number.