Attendance Write-back

Messenger v5 can write-back student attendance marks for students within selected MIS systems. An example of this can be in instances where a parent has responded to a challenge of unknown absence and the response explains that the student is off from school ill. Please note: this isn’t an automated process; it is up to your organisation to create 'right' assigned users. For example, based on text responses, an authorised user who has the appropriate 'right' assigned to them, will need to read the parental responses and select what write-back requests to make, if any.  Your organisation may decide that none of your users have this right assigned.

Where the MIS system is school-hosted this is carried out by securely queuing a write-back request for Xporter in the school to pick up and apply, which it will typically do within 15 minutes. Where those MIS systems are cloud-hosted this is carried out as a direct and secure cloud-to-cloud transfer of the individual student mark that is changed.

Typically only the Student’s MIS record ID, the new mark, and the time-point of the mark are transferred in a write-back request; thus minimising data transfer in keeping with a small surface for improved data security.