Attendance Searching

Messenger v5 integrates with your school MIS to produce details of those pupils who have been marked as absent as well as allowing students to be selected based on their attendance marks. Messenger v5 even provides the ability to select attendance marks over a specific date range.


You can select from predefined sets of criteria grouped as 'Quick Access Attendance Search' buttons;

  • Absent No Reason,
  • Absent Any Reason,
  • Present,
  • First Day Absence.

You may also wish to search on a combination of attendance codes using the 'Selective Attendance Codes' option when you need greater control over criteria.

From within the 'Send Message' Screen click the Attendance tab.

  • Click on the desired 'Quick Access Attendance Search' green button (e.g. Absent No Reason, First Day Absence etc) or the 'Selective Attendance Codes' button.
  • In the pop-up window, the date range will automatically be populated dependent on the option you choose (see below for more information relating to each option).M5_Attendance_dates
    • This default selection can be modified as required by selecting a date from the calendar icon.
    • For  'today' only, the start and end date both need to be entered as the current date.
  • Pressing ‘Search’ will return the corresponding students who will be added to the message recipient list.  By pressing ‘Select & Continue’ this will now enable you to send a message to these recipients and make use of the tokens to send a personalised message.

To see more detail for each criteria, please click on the links below;