Multi-language Support for SMS and Email

Messenger v5 supports the sending of messages in multiple languages for SMS and Email. If a contact in the recipient list has an additional language configured in the MIS, the "Translate Message" option will be displayed under the SMS and Email compose window under 'Create Message'.

If you do not see this option, then Messenger has been unable to find any languages configured against the currently synced contacts within the relevant field in the MIS, with which to use as a translation language.


Please note that only the message body is translated. Any attachments added to emails will not be translated - we recommend you therefore copy the contents of attachments in to the email if possible so that they are translated.

You may also like to add a request to reply in english if you do not have any speakers of those languages used in the school. Of course a reverse translation is possible separately to Messenger v5 via the Google Translate service outlined below - simply copy any replies from M5 to Google Translate.

Translation is activated via  is a simple Tick Box option with two supported actions accessed via buttons below the Translate Message tick box:

  1. View/Modify Translations
    • Allows you to see the translations generated - useful if you have a native speaker on hand to view the translations or just want to see the eventual output!


  2. Reset Translation Changes
    • Used to update the translation to match the text in the compose window. It is imperative you press this button after you make any changes to the composed text in either the SMS or Email view. If Messenger v5 detects a mismatch between the translated text and the text in the compose window, you will see a reminder to go back and update the translation.

The translation is carried out using Google's Translate services. To understand a little more about Google translate (it’s very interesting) please click here to find out how it works and to see some of the challenges associated with computer based real-time language translation.


What languages are supported?

As Google add to their list of supported languages all the time, the below list will be updated periodically for guidance, but for an explicit list you should refer to the Google API page itself. At time of writing the list contains 64 languages.

BasqueEnglishHaitian CreoleLatinRussianUkrainian
Chinese SimplifiedFrenchIndonesianMalteseSwahili
Chinese TraditionalGalicianIrishNorwegianSwedish

Please note Messenger v5 makes use of the Google Translate API when performing automatic language translation. Google keep their list of languages supported by the Google Translate API shorter than for the Google Translate website for quality reasons.

Please watch the video available here if you'd like to understand more about automated translation and read our notice about translated messages (a link to which can be included directly on messages sent to contacts - simply tick the box in account settings).


Incoming Translation

Additionally, in the case of Incoming SMS messages, you can translate messages received in a foreign language back to English.