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You can link Messenger to your school’s Twitter account. This can be useful if you’d like to use Twitter as another method of communication when sending out school-wide messages. Follow the simple steps below to setup your Twitter integration.

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Setting up & sending messages


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1) Go to Tools.png Tools, then Tweet from the side menu.

Add twitter

2) From the Tweet page, click Add Twitter Account.

3) To begin the Twitter integration, click Authenticate.png. You will then be taken to Twitter’s authorisation page.

4) If you are already signed into your school’s Twitter account in your web browser, you’ll just need to click Authorize app.

a. If you are not sure whether you are logged into the correct Twitter account, hover your mouse over the avatar in the top right corner to display the name of the account.

Authorise - logged in

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5) If you aren’t already logged into Twitter, you will need to enter your school’s Twitter credentials, then click Authorize app.

Authorise - need to log in

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6) After a few seconds, you will be redirected back to the Tweet page in Messenger. Authorisation has been successful if you see the following page:

Twitter integrated

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 a. Type a message in the speech bubble and click Tweet. Doing so will post the message directly onto your Twitter timeline.


Top Tip: Tweets need to be under 140 characters, so keep your message short and sweet!


 7) To delete a tweet, you will need to access it directly from your Twitter account and click on the small arrow next to the specific tweet you wish to delete:

a. Deleting the tweet will also remove it from your Tweets history in Messenger (this may take a few minutes to reflect in Messenger).


Delete tweet

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Unlinking Twitter account from Messenger

  • If Messenger is linked to a Twitter account that is no longer being used, you will need to follow the steps in this this Twitter guide (scroll down to How to revoke access or remove an application) to unlink your current Twitter account from Messenger.
  • Once you have done so, you can follow the previous steps to link Messenger to a different Twitter account.

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