Messenger v5 Contact Attributes

You can easily manage the attributes of the contacts in Messenger v5.

Contact Attributes are 'tokens' - essentially these work in a similar way to a mail merge. For example, you may wish to setup a group message to remind students and parents to pay a monthly sum towards a forthcoming school trip. This message may need to be sent many times and to many groups and the contract attributes option allows you to configure a value that can be easily used and updated.

Please note you will need to be logged in as a user with Administrator rights -  speak to your Groupcall Administrator if you think you should have this role.

From the home screen in messenger, select Admin.

Messenger v5 Admin Access

Now choose the Preferences - Account Settings option.

Messenger v5 Account Settings

The next step is to select the Contract Attributes option. This is located at the bottom of the Account Settings page.

Messenger v5 Contract Attributes


You will now be presented with the Messenger v5 Contact Attributes screen.

Contract Attributes


Select the Add New Attribute button.

Messenger v5 Add New Attribute


Your screen will reveal the Add Contact Attribute form. Simply decide upon a memorable name for the new attribute. In this example we'll use "Yr10 Brittany Trip" and add a value, the monthly payment amount, then click Submit.

Messenger v5 Attribute Addition

Messenger v5 Contact Attribute Creation

And that's it! All you need do now is, when composing a new message, right-click and select your attribute from the list.

Messenger v5 Create Message with Contact Attributes


Messenger v5 Contact Attributes Message



If you need to delete a Contact Attribute the simply return to the Messenger v5 Contact Attributes screen by going to AdminPreferences > Account SettingsContact Attributes. Tick the checkbox to the right of the attribute you wish to remove and click submit.

Messenger v5 Delete Attribute