Messenger 1505.2 Release Note

We’ve made Messenger even better!

We continually improve Messenger based on your feedback – thank you for taking the time to send it in. Here is what we have done in this update:

Headline Features

iPad_GXapp_TimelineGroupcall Xpressions App

Our latest innovation is now available for early adopters! Parents can download a free app to receive messages and notifications directly to their phone or tablet as well as a wealth of other information (depending on your Messenger subscription type and MIS). Free messages can be sent by your school using push notifications.

Click here for further information, including supported devices and click here to see how to get started for your school.

If you would like to become an early adopter for Xpressions, please complete this short form to express your interest.

Attendance Notes Write-back - Incoming SMS Reply Copy

Incoming_SMSCopyWhile you are updating a student attendance mark,  incoming messages now write back to the attendance notes field, meaning you do not have to manually enter the reason provided by the parent for absence. When the data has synced, you will see the parents text message in the MIS itself as an Attendance Note.

Available for SIMS customers only at present.

Incoming Translation

Incoming_TranslateAs well as a newer, cleaner look and feel, we have also added a facility for you to translate incoming messages on an individual message basis, where the parents primary language is not English.

We have also made outgoing message translation more prominent for easier use. 

Unresolved Attendance Marks

You can now send a message to a group based on any unresolved unauthorised absence codes in a given date range, a feature asked for by many of our customers. See our dedicated guide on how to use this new functionality.

Invite New User Wizard

We have provided a new dedicated wizard to help you invite new staff members to begin using Messenger - click here for more information.

AM/PM Wizards

We have merged these wizards into one to make it easier and quicker to send the messages you need.

Other Features

  • New personalised fields (tokens) now available for Title and Salutation.
    • Available for SIMS, CMIS, G2, SEEMIS customers*.
  • Pre-admission students
    • We have made pre-admissions students/contacts appear under its own heading with further classification for Years.
    • Available for SIMS customers*.
  • Free School Meals
    • We have made FSM a separate group, making it easier to contact that group of individuals quickly.
    • Available for SIMS, CMIS & G2 customers. *
  • Contact Support
    • We have provided a convenient way for you to contact the support team through a dedicated wizard.
  • Notifications
    • We have improved the notifications section (the ‘megaphone’ icon at the very top right) to get more information to you faster about updates, service issues and more.

* These features require an automated update to your MIS integration.  You don’t need to do anything but it may be up to a week before they become available to you.

We have also included various minor bug fixes, visual enhancements and other updates to improve your Messenger preview experience.

Like it? Hate it? Either way tell us about it using the feedback tile on the home screen!