Manage Contacts

The manage contacts page allows you to add, remove and modify contacts.

Please ensure you have read and understood the note about the Source of Data before amending Contacts within the Mv5 address book.

From within Tools > Manage Contacts you will see a table summarising all of your contacts, regardless of data source.

From here you can edit individual contacts, as well as adding new ones for inclusion in the Messenger v5 Address Book.

Edit Contact

Simply select the 'Edit' link to the left of the relevant person's name.

You will only be able to edit contacts if you have the relevant User Role.

A window will open allowing you to edit details including their Name, Phone Numbers and Email addresses. Any field information that has a white box next to it can be edited. Any boxes that are grey are not editable in Messenger v5 as their content is read from the MIS.

Add a Contact

Select the ‘Add a Contact’ button and then complete the form in the pop-up window adding in all required information. Remember the rules regarding Source Databases!


When complete, click ‘Add to Address Book’.

Delete a Contact

To delete a contact, tick the selection box for the relevant contacts, and click the ‘Delete Selected’ button and then 'OK' the confirm message. Remember the rules regarding Source Databases - if you delete a contact from Messenger that originates in your MIS, 'tomorrow' that contact will re-appear!