Messenger 5 – Export Contact History to Excel

In order to export the message history for an individual contact to a spreadsheet for off-line analysis or recording, simply follow these steps;

  1. Select Tools Manage Contacts.Manage Contacts
  2. Double-click on the row containing the contact for which you wish to export the message history.
    • You can locate the appropriate row in a number of ways;
      • You can manually locate a contact by scrolling through the list and jump through multiple pages by selecting the page numbers at the bottom of the table.
      • You can filter on the columns to make the list shorter; the easiest filter to use in this scenario is to type the Contact's Name into the 'Forename' or 'Surname' column as appropriate and select 'Contains' from the list of possible filter types.
  3. Now click on the spreadsheet icon at the top-right of the table in the pop-up window.
    • You will now be able to open and save the excel file as you would with any other file downloaded from the internet (the exact method for this will depend on your browser and associated configuration).

Contact History Export

Contact History Spreadsheet