Deleting Messenger v5 Groups

To delete saved groups (i.e. those groups created within Messenger v5, outside of those created dynamically from your MIS data);


  1. Locate the appropriate group from your ‘Saved Groups’ section
    • On the left hand side of the ‘Send Message’ screen, where you see group names and a bracketed number showing the total number of contacts within that group
  2. Right click the group you want to remove from Messenger
  3. Select ‘Delete’ from the drop down list
    • If you don't see 'Delete' as an option, then your account does not have the correct role associated with it. You need to have the 'editGroup' role enabled on your account
  4. A confirmation window will pop-up ensuring you only delete the group as intended. Check the group name and select OK as appropriate. If you have selected the wrong group simply press cancel and repeat steps 1 - 4!GCM5_Delete_Group_Confirm
  5. Repeat, for any additional groups that you need to be deleted.

You will then see that the group has disappeared from the list of the saved groups, indicating that it has been successfully removed.