Topping up Cashless by Cash

Messenger Payments gives your school and parents the flexibility to add any cash payments made for students’ cashless catering to be added to Messenger Payments’s system. This ensures that students are still able to buy lunch using cashless catering.

The Payments by Cash feature simply allows you to record and keep a full audit trail of payments that parents have made to the school in cash or by cheque, rather than using the Messenger Payments Cashless Catering system. As such, no actual money is exchanged through Messenger Payments when you update a Payment by Cash.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1) To top up a student’s cashless balance for parents who have paid in cash or by cheque, click Payments by Cash from the Menu at the top of the page.

Menu payments by cash

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2) From the Students panel on the left, type in at least the first 3 letters of a student’s surname and click A list of students matching your search will appear in the panel on the left.


Payments by cash search

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a. Scroll down the list of results to locate the student you wish to update, and click View outstanding activities under their name.

Top-up Cashless Balance

1) Now that you have located the student you wish to update, you will be able to top-up to their cashless balance.

2) Under the Pay now? column, toggle Yes next to the Lunch activity.

3) The Amount to Pay column will display the recommended amount that was set when the Lunch activity was created. If the parent has paid more or less than this amount, enter the correct amount in this field.

4) From the options underneath, click on the Payment Method drop down menu to choose from: Cash, Cheque or BACS.

5) Click Pay and Print Labels.


Top up cashless

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Print Receipt

Upon a successful payment, you will be brought to the Payment Receipt page where there is the option to print the receipt.


Cashless receipt

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