You can use the Search feature to locate students, parents, staff and all groups. This is a quick and easy way of viewing the forms and surveys assigned to any individual or group.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1) To begin, click on the SchoolWorkSpace drop down menu from the top left corner of the page. This menu will be accessible from any page in the Messenger Forms interface.


Messenger Forms: Create a form

Click image to expand.

2) Start typing the name of the student, parent, staff member or group that you wish to locate. Once you begin typing, a list of potential results will begin to appear in a list below.

3) Click on the person or group you wish to view.



  • Once you have located a student via the Search, click on their name from the list of results to view all the groups that the student is linked to in your MIS and Messenger (i.e. Messenger Saved Groups).
  • If this student has been sent any forms, you will be able to see/view this from this page.
  • From here you can also add or update a response to a form if required.


  • Viewing a parent will display the children that they are linked to in your MIS. Clicking on any student will display the forms that have been sent for that child.
  • If forms have already been sent out to this parent (for any child they are linked to), you see a Forms tab for this parent. Click to view all forms sent to this parent.


  • If you have clicked on a staff member from the list of search results, this will display any classes assigned to them in your MIS any Messenger Saved Groups that they are linked to.
  • If the staff member has created any forms or surveys, you will be able to see this.
  • Clicking on any form will display the Responses


  • You can locate any type of group via the Search: Year groups, Reg groups, Teaching groups, Messenger Saved Groups, any other active MIS groups e.g. dietary requirements, SEN etc.
  • Once you have started your search for a group, the list of results will clearly display the group names that match as well as the type of group.
  • Clicking on the group you wish to view will display a few actions:
    • Forms: view any forms or surveys sent to this group.
    • About: add or view any information about this group.
    • Notes: add links to resources and learning notes, visible to staff and students in the group and their parents.
    • Comments: visible to staff and students in the group and their parents, all of whom can add comments for this group.
    • Members: a list of all the students assigned to this group.