Managing Staff Permissions

If you are an admin user for Emerge, you will see the Manage_users.png Manage Users feature from your side menu. Updating permissions for individual users can be done in just a few short steps via a quick wizard.

To see and access Manage Users, you will need to be an Estab Admin in Groupcall IDaaS. Speak with your school admin/IT team, or contact Groupcall Support.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

1) Click Manage Users from the side menu.

 Manage users menu

2) In the search bar, begin typing the name or email address of the staff member you wish to update permissions for.

3) From the list of results that appear below, click the correct user and then click Next Step from the bottom right.

Manage staff permissions - search

4) From the next page, select the Role you need to assign to this user.

a. If you want to customise permissions for a user, first select a role, then scroll down and toggle Customer the default permissions for selected role(s), then click Next Step.

Manage permissions - select role


5) By default, each role is assigned the following permissions:



Staff (Basic Access)

Teaching Staff

Office Staff


Dinner Staff

Use Search


Use Class Layouts




Take Attendance


Take Dinner Registers




Run Behaviour Wizard




Run Achievement Wizard




View Assessment




View Programmes of Study




See Other Staff Timetables


Student Details


Show Student’s Contact Details


Show Student Timetable


Show Attendance


Show Behaviour


Show Achievement


Show Exams


Show Reports


View My Detentions




View Usage Report



Show Dinner Register Summary


Show Incomplete Registers



Manage Detentions



6) From the next page, review the full list of permissions for the role you have selected. If you have chosen to customise permissions (see step 4a), simply toggle the permissions you wish to add or remove for this user.

7) When you are ready, click Submit from the bottom right. You will see a pop-up box to let you know that your update has been successful.

Manage permissions - submit