What is Xpressions?

Groupcall Xpressions is an App which enables schools to share certain elements from their MIS data instantly and securely with parents on their smartphones or tablets. It is powered by Emerge, which is installed across an estate of approximately 10,000 devices in the United Kingdom.

Xpressions comprises two ‘pieces’ of software, just like Emerge for Schools, and adds to this an innovative Identity Management Service.

  1. Xpressions Device Software: this is the app that will need to be installed on each of the Parents’ devices you’d like to access data.  The Xpressions Device Software communicates with the Emerge Server to receive and send MIS information.
  2. Emerge Sever Software:  the Emerge Server Software talks to your MIS system extracting student information that it sends to Parents’ devices running the Xpressions app.
  3. Groupcall IDaaS: this is the system that manages the identity of the Parents connecting to your school data whilst offering a level of security consistent with internet banking without the administrative headache in traditional parental access systems.