What is a Messenger v5 eCard?

Messenger eCards give you the ability to send rewards, merits, certificates, thank you cards, reminders and more to your students and their parents.

There are over 20 professionally designed eCard templates built in to Messenger (some of which are shown below). They can be sent by email or printed in school. This allows them to be sent or given directly to students, parents or both adding a whole new visual level to home-school communication.

As sending emails is free for all Messenger v5 users you can send as many of these as you like quickly and easily. Individual teachers, year heads or subject leaders can send their own eCards on demand using their own Messenger v5 user accounts.

The eCards are sent as PDF files so that recipients can easily print and share them to display ‘on the fridge’ or with family and friends on social media.

PriGold PriWellDoneMaths WellDone Sec100Att DontForget MeritCertificate

Why not log in to Messenger v5 now and have a look at them all? You can even add your own. See the user guide for details!