Using Emerge

We have made Emerge to be fairly intuitive and we think you will be able to see how easy it is to use, but just in case you need a hand, or simply want to see what its like before you install the app, we have produced some simple visual guides to get you started on each platform below. If you need more help, please get in touch!

Using MIS Data

Browsing Student and Staff information is as easy as pressing a few buttons - look out for interactive fields such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Taking Attendance

Emerge allows you to take attendance on your device, which will be written directly back to the MIS. To change Attendance Marks, touch or click the Left, Middle or Right of a Student's row and see what happens!

When you select Attendance, Emerge will download the latest attendance information for the whole school for the next two days (configurable). This means you can take attendance for any class (if you have the access rights).
iOS Android Windows 8.1
Attendance Android_Attendance W8_attendance

If you would like to see more detail about the process of taking Attendance in Emerge, have a look at our detailed Attendance guide.

Recording Behaviour or Achievement

Emerge also allows you to record Achievement and Behaviour on your device, if you have SIMS, including the ability to upload supporting media, such as a photo of a bullying event or a photo of good work.

Show me how on Apple iOS

behaviour instructions_2014


Show me how on Android
Show me how on Windows 8.1


When you have made changes and you select Home or Save, the changed attendance, achievement or behaviour information will be written directly back to the MIS.

Viewing Reports

Open a report and see an overview for your school by day and session (AM/PM). Don't forget you can update attendance from here by accessing the shortcut to display e.g. all unauthorised absent students.