User Search, Password Reset and Account Unlocking

It is simple to search for and users in Messenger v5 so that you can edit their contact information and crucially so that you can reset their password for them. This function is particularly useful to Groupcall Administrators and for example Department Heads who may like to manage their department users to reduce the reliance on a single Messenger Manager!

    1. Select Manage Users from the Tools drop-down menu.
        • You will need the Administrator Role on your user account in order to access this menu item.
    2. You will now see a list of users available in your school account.
        • If you have lots of users you may need to search by email or username using the column filters.ManageUsers

    3. Now select the user you would like to edit and click on the icon ActionsIcon at the end of the row under the Actions column. Select Edit User from the drop-down menu.ManageUsersEdit

  1. A pop-up window will appear where you can update the user's details and reset their password.

  2. Once you are happy with the changes that you have made, simply click the Save button. You will see a 'Changes saved successfully' message next to the close button to confirm your changes.


Edit User


You can unlock a user account from the Tools > Manage Users Menu.

Unlock User