Raising a ‘Help Me’ Alarm – Using The Emerge ‘Help’ Button

HelpMe_SMSReceivedOnce the Help Button has been configured (read more about that here or below) users can quickly and easily raise an alarm for help.


Tell me how...

Log in to Emerge and select the 'Help Button' module;

!A 'Phone Direct' option is available to devices with a SIM card which provides the facility to phone a pre-configured number directly. Pressing this option will initiate a call via the mobile phone itself.


  1. Select to choose current location.
    • Emerge uses any available timetable information it has about a user to suggest current location.
  2. Scroll down the list of rooms from the MIS and select the relevant option.
    • You may also enter free text location information using the 'Enter Current Location' option at the top on the list. Simply type a description of where you are and choose 'Done'.
  3. Select the 'Optional Message' area to type in a message with more detail about the help required.
  4. Select the Help category you wish to initiate.HelpMe_Categories
    • There are 3 possible options but their availability depends on administrator configuration.
    • Each one offers a potentially different list of recipients.
    • Your Emerge administrator can provide you with use on the set up in your school.
      •  Medical
      • Emergency
      • Assistance
  5. Confirm that you wish to raise a request for help.
  6. An SMS will be sent to the configured recipients.
    • As the SMS is sent via Emerge and Messenger v5 and not the device itself, the Help button can be used on any device, not just those with a SIM card or where there is only WiFi coverage. This includes Tablet computers and mobile phones that have no reception (they do need WiFi however!)