Taking a ‘Fire Register’

fire_registerThe unique offering of this new features is that, in the event of a fire (real or drill) or other emergency, Emerge presents you with a single student per screen and allows you to quickly take your register visually when in a potentially chaotic situation. This has the added benefit of then presenting you with a list of students whose registration status conflicts with their expected status.

Much like the any other register in Emerge, the Fire Register intelligently identifies your expected tutor group and students, then provides an interface to take a register (whilst still allowing users to select other groups).

Show me how...

Open the Fire Register Module from the Emerge Homescreen using the flame icon shown above;

  1. Select the relevant register as suggested or via 'Other Staff Classes'.
  2. Mark students present or absent as required using the large green or red buttons presented on screen.
    • We display the day's session marks for that student below the mark entry buttons for quick reference.
    • Repeat for each student - Emerge scrolls to the next student when you select a mark entry.
    • When you have completed the register for that class you will see a summary screen.
  3. If you have any students that are now marked as absent from the Fire Register, but are expected present according to their session code held in the MIS you will see the number of those students highlighted for easy reference. Select this option to see a list.
  4. Select an individual student to access their Student Record page.
  5. You can now scroll to access relevant information such as their timetable or behaviour records to try and understand where they might be (e.g. in a music lesson, an exclusion area or detention).
    • You also have access to contact information so you can call a parent or guardian if required.
  6. When registers have been completed you can recall them from the front page of the Fire Register module to e.g. show to a fire marshall or emergency service personnel.
    • The registers do not save to SIMS.
    • They are saved to the device for as long as is needed for cross checking or showing to emergency personnel.
  7. You can delete saved registers if you no longer need them by swiping left across (on Apple iOS) or making a long press on (Android) the listed register to reveal the delete option.
    • Alternatively they will be deleted when the user logs out of the device.