SIF Data Objects

Groupcall XVault stores data in a slightly normalised version of the UK SIF data model, hence for any queries about data specification for a specific SIF data object, element, or attribute you should refer to the UK SIF specification.

Object Data Area Contents[1]
SchoolInfo School Information about the school – e.g. name, head teacher, contact information, governance, phase.
LearnerPersonal Learner Personal information about a learner, including ULN, UPN, Address, DoB, Phone, Email.
LearnerSchoolEnrolment Learner/School Information about the learner in relation to the school, e.g. start date, academic year.
WorkforcePersonal Workforce Personal information about an employee in a school, including Address, DoB, Phone, Email and Post held.
SchoolGroupType School Different types of Group the school provides – e.g. class (lesson), year, registration (form).
SchoolGroup School Specific groups in the school, their type and which WorkforcePersonal are linked.
LearnerGroupEnrolment School Membership of LearnerPersonals into SchoolGroup.
ContactPersonal Parental contacts Information about a contact, including address, phone, email.
LearnerContact Parental contacts The relationship between a LearnerPersonal and a ContactPersonal, including parental responsibility and contact priority.
LearnerSpecialNeeds SEN Special needs status for a learner, and what their requirements are.
LearnerAttendance Attendance Detailed Session attendance marks for a learner.  This can optionally also support Lesson attendance for some MIS products.
LearnerAttendanceSummary Attendance Summary attendance statistics for a learner.
PersonPicture Learner, Workforce Photo of a learner or a workforce.
LearnerExclusion Exclusions Exclusion periods for a learner.
LearnerEntitlement Free School Meals Periods of FSM entitlement for a learner, historic entitlements are supported for most MIS products.
LearnerBehaviourIncident Behaviour/Achievement Negative or positive behaviour  events for a learner
TermInfo Timetable Details the term dates in the current year for the school.
Cycle Timetable Provides the structure of the current timetable(s), in terms of days, periods, timings, logical to temporal mappings, etc.
TTRoom Timetable Defines rooms used by the timetable
TTTeacher Timetable Defines teachers used by the timetable, which typically share their identifying ‘RefId’ with WorkforcePersonal objects.
TTSubject Timetable Defines timetabled subjects
TeachingGroup Timetable Defines timetabled groups of students, typically mapping back to the identifying ‘RefId’ of a SchoolGroup.
Lesson Timetable Defines a Lesson occurring during a timetable period, involving a TTSubject and a TeachingGroup.
AssessmentResultGradeSet Assessment Represents grades over time for a result.
AssessmentSession Assessment Defines an assessment period, such as summer exams.
AssessmentResultComponent Assessment Defines an assessment aspect, e.g. Drama practical
AssessmentResultComponentGroup Assessment Defines a grouping of assessment aspects.
AssessmentLearnerSet Assessment Defines a set of learners related to an aspect.
LearnerAssessmentResult Assessment Defines an assessment result, awarded on a date and optionally during a specific assessment session.


[1] Fullness / presence of contents will vary by MIS.