Protection of Data During Use

Messenger v5 uses a web-based user interface that protects data and guards against unauthorised access in the following ways:

  • Industry standard SSL encryption secures and verifies the website.
    • Use of SSL encryption instructs the users browser not to cache pages.
    • Use of SSL encryption prevents proxy servers caching meaningful content.
  • Users must use individually accountable usernames and passwords to log in.
  • Users can be deactivated at any time.
  • Users are constrained to access only the schools they are associated with.
  • Users are not automatically generated, they must be explicitly and individually created.
  • Users can be constrained by assignment of rights, including the right to send messages.
  • Users can have their data view limited to only a subset of that available for their school(s).
  • The forgotten password procedure contacts the user directly and does not release any password information.
  • Messenger v5 does not have any API to allow extraction of personal information.