Persistent Student Absences


This report presents an overview of student persistent absences by school, or groups of schools. The Persistent Absence report is based upon the data from the Management Information System’s (MIS) Learner Attendance Summary Statistics.

  • The report selects students by Year Group and is run against the user defined selected date range against total sessions.
  • XVR then processes Authorised Absences, Unauthorised Absences and Lates.
  • The threshold for a persistent absence is based upon that set by the user, in conjunction with the total available sessions for the selected date range.
  • When running the report, students are included who meet the selected threshold for persistent absence / lateness.
  • The Percent column displays the overall absence / late percentage for each student for the selected date range.
  • Technical Description

  • Late percentages are calculated using Late Sessions divided by Possible Sessions, multiplied by 100.
  • Absences are calculated using Authorised Absence plus Unauthorised Absence by possible sessions, multiplied by 100.