Overview of IDaaS Data Movement

Groupcall IDaaS uses the existing secure transport mechanism provided by the Groupcall WebService (used in our Emerge product), allowing a school to hold full control over data extraction by IDaaS but also allowing IDaaS to make requests for data that vary depending on the needs of the third party systems to which we forward provisioning.  The connection to your school MIS is provided by Groupcall’s established school data extraction product – Groupcall Xporter.

Groupcall Xporter is installed in your school, is connected to your MIS, and uses the Groupcall WebService to connect to IDaaS, which is delivered from Microsoft Azure.  IDaaS_Data_Overview

How does the data move once the initial installation is complete?

Once the initial installation is completed the data movement process works like this:

  • Your school Xporter notifies IDaaS if data has changed, and IDaaS makes a note to request your school changes as soon as possible.
  • As soon as it can, IDaaS connects to the Groupcall WebService and authenticates.  It requests recent changes to each area of data needed by IDaaS or for forward provisioning.
  • Your school MIS build responses to these requests one at a time to avoid excessive workload and encrypts them using a key unique to your specific school and IDaaS before transmitting them.
  • IDaaS applies changes to data within itself as soon as it receives them.
  • IDaaS queues changes to data via forward provisioning as soon as it receives them, but depending on the destination system there may be a delay before the changes appear to users.