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Everything you need to know about the user preferences settings.

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Welcome Screen

Welcome Screen

Messenger v5 is very simple and intuitive to use, there are several main components to the system which you will see listed on the Messenger v5 welcome screen:-


  • Send Messages;
    • selecting recipients
    • composing the message
    • sending the message.
  • Incoming;
    • Easily view replies and incoming texts sent to the school account.
  • Message History;
    • Viewing messages sent and responses received.
  • Authorise;
    • Allow messages to be sent that have been composed by other users without the authority to send messages.
  • Admin;
    • Managing Users
    • Uploading Data and User Preferences
    • Manage Contacts.

Please note: The exact combination of items you see on the welcome screen may vary and are dependent on your individual account's user roles and settings.

The Welcome Screen can be accessed at anytime from within Messenger v5's various pages by clicking the green Groupcall Messenger logo at the top left of the browser window.


Tools Menu

Tools Menu

Most areas of the tools menu are reserved for admin users; however, some elements will be relevant to all users;


User Preferences Settings

User Preferences Settings

Here users can change their own user settings; this menu item is available to all users and not just Administrators.

  • These settings are used in the preview screen as default when sending messages.
  • The email address is compulsory and will be used by the system in the event of a forgotten password.
  • An optional mobile phone number will also be used for resetting your password in addition to the email address. Add your mobile number if you have limited email access for easier password resetting.

The 'Change Password' interface to allow users to manage their own passwords thus preventing the need for administrator intervention and consequently increasing security.

The 'Confirm email address' button will send an automated email to verify that the email address given is a valid address.

User Account Settings will also inform you of your message threshold before a pin code is required.


Change Your Password

Change Password

Messenger v5 has a simple to use password change interface to allow users to manage their own passwords thus preventing the need for administrator intervention and consequently increasing security.

To change your password;M5_Change_Password_Window

  1. Ensure you are in the Tools > User Preferences screen.
  2. Click on the 'Change Password' button.
  3. In the pop-up window first enter your current password* in the 'Old Password' box. *This could be a temporary one emailed via the reset password function.
    • If you have forgotten your current password, you should follow these instructions instead.
  4. There are some password rules to ensure you set a strong and secure password.
  5. In the 'Confirm Password' box, enter the password exactly as you entered it in the 'New Password' box.

Your new password will not be accepted if it does not meet the criteria below;

  1. Minimum of 8 characters.
  2. Cannot be the same as your username.
  3. Cannot be any of the following unsafe common password choices;
    • "password", "liverpool", "god", "123456", "123", "letmein", "qwerty", "monkey".

The system will also advise you how strong your password is, you should make it as strong as you can whilst making it memorable.

A strong password means a more secure system and better protection of valuable children's data.


You have now changed your password - you will need to use your new password next time you login (and every time after that until you change it again!).



Release Note

Release Note

This shows the current features and a list of new features from each previous release.


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