Incoming Messages

The ‘Incoming’ area of Messenger allows you to easily view incoming SMS messages in one place, with the ability to view the whole conversation for complete context and history.



Explanation of areas

There are various areas of the incoming pages within Messenger that control what information you can see. An explanation of each is provided below.

Show Messages From...

Use the drop down menu to choose to show messages from;

  • Today
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • This academic Year
  • or 'All' incoming messages.

If the number of total incoming unread messages (as shown in the Messenger sidebar) is seemingly higher than the number of unread messages you see on screen, make sure the 'Show Messages From' drop down is set to 'All' and/or that you have checked subsequent pages. You can then filter on unread messages, as explained in the sections below and use the bulk 'mark as read' function.


Each column showing a funnel icon M5_Filter_Icon can be filtered on using advanced filtering.

  1. Enter a search term.
  2. Click the funnel icon and select a filtering option.
  3. View list of returned results.
  4. Filter on additional columns in combination as required.
    • e.g. to show messages from Mrs Abbey, regarding her son Ben but not her other children, you can filter on the 'Name' and 'Regarding' column together.



The columns are;

  • Status
    • Shows if message is Read M5_Read  or  Unread M5_Unread .
  • Name
    • Shows the Name of the person who sent the message to the school.
      • This is ascertained from your contacts database in M5. The system searches your contacts records and displays the name of the contact with which that sending number is associated.
  • Regarding
    • Shows the name of the student to which that message relates.
    • Will only be populated when the original outgoing message expects a response (i.e. Open or Closed, but not Broadcast).
  • Subject/Summary
    • Shows the content of the SMS for ease of reading. You can click any row to get a more detailed view.
  • Received
    • The date the message was received by Messenger v5.
  • Sent By
    • Shows the name of the school user that sent the message to which the reply relates.
    • Will be blank for unsolicited incoming messages and 'replies' to broadcasts.
  • Attendance Updated
    • Allows at a glance visibility with regard attendance updates having been actioned.
    • This gives a clear indication of what messages have and have not been actioned in a busy school office ensuring colleagues do not duplicate work.
    • Please note that a screen refresh is required to show any changes to this column. This can be done using F5 from most browsers, or by simply re-clicking on to the incoming area from the sidebar.
  • [Check Box]
    • Select rows to mark as read in bulk. Checking the box in the header row selects all rows.



Conversation and detailed view

By clicking any row in the summary view, at the top of the page, you can see a conversation view with that contact, as well as access attendance marks for writing back to your school's MIS and open a history pane for that contact.