Incoming Messages Conversation View

From the Incoming Messages page within Messsenger v5, the 'Conversation View' allows you to see the parental replies in the context of the message to which they relate. This gives you more of an understanding of the message meaning; e.g. a reply to a message saying "Stomach Ache" may be confusing, however as soon as you view the reply as a response to an absence message, asking for a reason for a child's absence, the meaning becomes clearer.



From the 'Conversation View' you can also perform an 'Attendance Update' and write-back to your school's MIS (at present this feature is only available for SIMS schools). This functionality is accessed from the 'Update Attendance' link, located under the text "Conversation with David Abbey" (to the left of the screen).

Mv5_Attendance_WritebackIn the subsequent pop up window, you can;

  • Choose the date to which the absence relates (the selection will default to 'today').
  • Select from the MIS supported attendance codes.
    • Any custom attendance codes that you have set up in your MIS will show in the list.
  • Add a note.
    • The SMS content itself will automatically be copied for you providing full history in the MIS itself.
  • If relevant add a value for minutes late.




Any activity relating to attendance write-back will be shown in the conversation view as a new line when the writeback has been confirmed by the MIS. There will be an accompanying date and time stamp showing when it was written back.