Dynamic Groups

In addition to the groups from your MIS, Messenger v5 has a number of dynamic groups that are selected based on advanced filtering to take advantage of information recorded in the MIS that changes from day-to-day (or even hour to hour!) such as those listed below.

  • Attendance Groups;
    • Groups pupils based on their attendance marks over a specific date range (e.g. students absent from morning registration 'today').
  • Detention Groups;
    • Groups pupils that have a detention recorded in SIMS for the purpose of alerting parents that their child has a detention and the date of that detention.

All other groups in Messenger v5 are created from either;

  • Hard-coded information in the MIS that changes less frequently (e.g. Registration group that would only change annually) or is unlikely to change (e.g. Gender) or,
  • Manual Groups created directly in Messenger v5 (e.g. Governors - please see this information concerning Governor groups).