Detention Alerting

*SIMS is the only MIS to support detention recording therefore it is the only MIS that can make use of this feature.
If any other MIS adds detention recording, Groupcall will assess the feasibility to include this feature in Messenger v5 for that MIS. Please contact if you have a case for a non-SIMS MIS to use detention alerting.

Messenger v5 has the ability to search SIMS* for students that have an instance of detention in a given date range and create groups based on the date of that detention.

You can then send a message with that date to each student's parent/guardian.



To send a detention message:M5.2_Detention_Group

      1. From the 'Send Message' screen click on the small arrow next to 'Detention' on the left hand side.
        • If there is no 'Detention' group listed on the left hand side, this means that either you are not using SIMS or that there are no detention records occurring in SIMS in the next 7 days.
      2. You will then see an expanded list of groups.
      3. Simply tick the box next to 'Detention' to select all sub-groups, or tick/untick individual sub-groups to suit your needs.M5_Detention_Groups
      4. Above the list of contacts you need to select the category of recipient, the message formats, the contact method and the message frequency.
        • When sending a detention message, it is imperative that you select "For each Student Parent combination" as the message frequency.
        • If a parent has more than one child in school receiving detention, they need to receive one message per student with the student's name and the date of their detention.
        • If the student receives a detention on more than one day, their parent needs to get 1 message per occasion.

As an example:

          • Rachael Abbot should receive 4 messages; one for each of her children.
          • David Abbey should receive 2 messages as Jimmy is in detention twice in the next week.
          • Steven Abrahams should receive 1 message as Jacqui has no siblings and she is in detention only once.


If the option to send messages "Once per Parent" were selected:

  • Rachael Abbot would receive one message; one for Ben as he is alphabetically first in the database.
    • She would not know that Claire, Clarissa and James had detention too and so would wonder why they had not come home on time.
  • David Abbey would receive one message telling him about one of Jimmy's detentions.
    • He would wonder why he came home late on the second occasion.
  • Steven Abrahams would receive one message; Jacqui has no siblings and she is in detention only once.
        • In this instance Steven would be unaffected by the "Once per Parent" option, but the others would suffer.



Finally, filter the groups if you need to and continue with your message composition as normal.

The token $Student Detention Date$ will allow you to compose suitable messages to inform parents of the date of their child's detention.M5_Detention_Token_Examples