Mv5 Data Synchronisation & ‘Refresh Now’

Messenger v5 provides automatic data synchronisation between itself and your MIS to keep data as up to date and accurate as possible.

To see more about this function, we have provided a diagram, which you might find helpful.
The specifics of integration may vary dependent on your MIS and integration method. Please take a look at this excerpt (taken from the Messenger v5 Data Security Summary) for the specifics in your school.

Dependent on your specific set-up, the integration will take place during various scheduled synchronisation windows (e.g. hourly between 7am and 5pm and once overnight). There may be times when you would like to refresh the data held by Messenger v5 so that it is up-to-date with your MIS.


  • You need to send an attendance message.
    • The automatic sync took place 15 minutes ago.
    • Registers were saved 5 minutes ago.
    • Instead of having to wait 45 minutes or risk out of date lists of absent students you can update that data on demand using Messenger v5's 'Refresh Now' function.
  • You have changed a phone number in the MIS of a parent and want to get the new phone number on the recipient list of an important message.
    • The automatic sync took place 2 minutes ago.
    • Instead of having to wait another 58 minutes, or risk changing the number in messenger v5, you can update that data on demand using Messenger v5's 'Refresh Now' function.

In order to do this, please follow the following steps;

  1. In the footer of the Messenger v5 website there is an icon made up of 3 small rectangles (shown magnified in the screenshot below).M5_Refresh_Dots
  2. Simply click this icon, it will load a pop up box that tells you the last sync time, giving you the option to view settings (if you are an administrator) and request a sync to 'run now'.M5_Refresh_Now_PopUp
  3. If the ‘Last updated n minutes/hours/days ago’ value is before the change was made in the MIS, simply press ‘Request Now’ and wait for a few minutes for the data to synchronise between your MIS and Messenger.
    • You will be able to see the updates progress thanks to the icon becoming animated with green cycling rectangles and the pop up box will show which updates are running.
    • The sync can take up to 20 minutes but is usually much quicker and varies based on a number of factors including network/server speed and database size.M5_Refresh_Now_InProgress
  4. When the pop up box shows with no jobs running and the icon is showing as 3 static white rectangles, you will know the update has taken place.
  5. You can build your distribution list (i.e. select recipients and filter list to suit) and compose your message whilst the sync is taking place to save time, but you must not send it before the sync has completed successfully.
    • On a technical level, the database searching takes place twice for each message you send;
      • First when you build the distribution list.
      • Second when the message is sent.
    • This means that if you look at a single contact's information during a sync you may see the 'old' information. However, when you send the message after the sync completes successfully, it will be correct.