Tiles (Homepage)

The Tiles screen is perfect for sending out messages in just a few clicks, using our quick and easy Wizards. The Tiles are also optimised for smaller screens, so teachers can conveniently send messages from their mobile devices. To visit Messenger from your mobile device, go to m5preview.groupcall.com from your device’s internet browser.

If you have signed up to modules from the Messenger Ecosystem (e.g. PayOurSchool, ParentPaperwork or Parents’ Evening Booking System), you can access them by clicking on the respective Tiles from your Homepage. If you have subscribed to Enhanced Messenger, you will also be able to see the Documents and Timetable Tiles. For further information about these additional modules, click the relevant link below:


Click image to expand.

From the Tiles, you can send messages quickly to the whole school, parents or individuals:

Quick Message: Whole School Alerts, Email all Parents, Group or Individual Messages.

Absence Messages: Unauthorised Absence/Late Today, Unauthorised Absence/Late Session, Search Absences/Lates.

Once you have selected a Wizard, simply follow the steps to compose and send your message. The Wizards have been designed to be both straightforward and very easy to follow - even for those without prior Messenger training. For your convenience, we have created some simple guides, should you need to use or share them. Click on any of the above links to get started.

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