Manage Users

The manage users page allows you to add/remove and control various settings relating to the user accounts in Messenger v5. In this section we cover each of the options.

If this is a new instance of Messenger v5 you will first need to Add some users. See the 'Add Users' section for details on how to do this.
Once you have some users set-up, you will need to configure the access they have to the system through the use of roles.

Click the action icon next to the name of the user that you’d like to change and select 'Edit Roles'.

You will see a list of roles that control access to different elements of the system allowing you to completely customise who has access to what in your Messenger v5 installation. Simply check or clear the box next to each role to enable or disable that role. The specifics of each role are detailed here along with a few scenario based examples to help you get started.

In addition to configuring roles you can also Disable/Enable a user, Delete a User and Link a User to a Group through the actions icon.

Exercise caution when deleting a user. If a user is leaving the school on a permanent basis, you can delete them. If however they are likely to return, e.g. after maternity leave, you should disable their account and then re-enable them on their return. The deletion of users has an impact on the history reports; if a user is deleted there may be gaps in the history information. We recommend therefore that in the first instance you disable users and then delete their accounts after a suitable period has passed, e.g after an academic year or 1 calendar year as relevant.