Logging in to Emerge – Demonstration Database



Windows 8.1

Login to the Demonstration server. iOS devices will ask you if you would like to connect to the demonstration server.

Select Yes.

Android devices require you to choose ‘Demo’ from the top right of the screen.

Windows 8.1 devices require you to choose ‘Demo’ from the top middle of the screen.
iOS_DemoSelect Android_ConnectionScreen Login
Choose the type of school that you would like to view:Secondary (Green Abbey)


Primary (Water’s Edge)

‘Admin’ will give you access to all features.

Select ‘Teacher’ or ‘Supply’ if you wish to see the limitations imposed by those roles for certain staff groups

 iOS_DemoRole  Android_DemoRole  W8_Choose_Demo
Set a passcode of your choice using the on-screen keypad and re-enter to confirm.

You will need to enter this passcode every-time you open the App so make it memorable yet secure!

 iOS_Passcode  Android_Passcode   W8_Choose_Passcode