Installing XVault Pre-Requisites

Please ensure that the server to which you are installing XVault meets the software and hardware requirements detailed previously in this document.

SQL Configuration

XVault requires that an SQL database is created, typically called XVault, and that it is assigned an SQL user with owner rights to that database.

The SQL server must be configured to support TCP/IP connections, typically via port 1433/tcp.

Prepare XVault Configuration

XVault has two configuration files, one for the XVault application and one for its embedded SIF Agent. These will be provided during the installation process.

Both files should be located in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\Conf\. Please note this location may change for non-standard implementations.


This file configures the XVault embedded SIF Agent and usually doesn’t require editing, however if you are doing SIF client authentication or have a non-public SSL trust providing your ZIS SSL certificate then you will need to provide appropriate key store references as detailed in the file.

If you are testing and using HTTP transport then you will need to comment out the <Transport> section in the file.

This file configures XVault.  You need to at least provide valid SQL connection details in the lines marked:


You should also set a username and password for logging into the XVault UI, and similarly for querying the Web Services, in the lines marked:


If you are using Non-SIF XVault then you also need to set DashSifSecret (case sensitive) using the value will be provided.

If you want to surface the health of your XVault installation in Groupcall Dashboard then you will need to contact Groupcall and request a value to set DASHID to.