IDaaS Local Attributes

IDaaS Local Attributes are only supported for students and staff at this time. By setting the IDaaS_Students_LocalAttributes or IDaaS_Staff_LocalAttributes tokens accordingly you can retrieve additional attributes from the MIS. These attributes still need to be included into the attributes tokens to be transmitted to IDaaS.


These work by positioning a local SIMS report with a specific filename for IDaaS to pick up and run.

For students:

  1. Create a new report in SIMS, scoped to Students and On Roll.
  2. Add the "Person_id" column.
    • Be sure to get the column called "Person_id" and not "Person ID".
    • If this column is missing then your current SIMS user needs Third Party Reporting permissions - speak to your SIMS administrator to resolve this.
  3. Add the column that will be used as the Local Username.SIMS_ReportCreate2

  4. Rename the columns (by tying in the 'Caption' box) to short attribute names e.g. "Surname and Initial" = LSI. Always prefix with L to indicate a local attribute.
    • If you need to include UDF columns then add a Blank column and set the name of the column in the report to UDF_<udf field name>. Xporter will handle this dynamically at runtime.SIMS_RenameColumn

  5. Save the report as "GCX_Idaas_Students_LocalAttributes" and export it.
  6. Move the RptDef file into the Groupcall\Xporter\Emerge\IDaaS\Gcx\Local folder.
    • For hosted Xporter Installations where you want the report to apply to a single selected and enabled school then move the RpdDef file instead into Groupcall\Schools\<school-identifier>\Emerge\IDaaS\. Using the Local folder will make your RptDef available to all schools on that hosted Xporter.
  7. Configure the tokens in Xporter as required.IDaaS_LocalAtt_XporterToken
    • Set IDaaS_Students_LocalAttributes to &Students_LocalAttributes
    • If you are using UDF fields, which cannot be renamed at the reporting stage, set IDaaS_Students_LocalAttributesMap to a list of SQL-formatted renames e.g. UDF_DesiredName as LDN.
    • Note that LocalUsername - the username that you would like IDaaS to provision (in the case of Its Learning) _must_ be called LU.
    • If you want to exclude students with no LocalUsername (e.g. not yet AD provisioned so don't know what their username will be) then create token IDaaS_Students_OmitLocalUsernameBlank with no value.
      • If doing this via dashboard, which deletes when the value is blank set the value to a space to cause a save. The default value of the token is -- so you need to set a value that is read as whitespace; i.e. a space.

The same methodology applies for staff (both teaching and non-teaching use the same single mechanism) - follow the same instructions as above but scope to 'Staff, All Current'.