IDaaS installation

Having met the Xporter and IDaaS specific Pre-requisites and ensured you have any relevant credentials to hand you can now begin installing IDaaS.


Installation Overview

The IDaaS installer will;

  • Install Xporter.
    • If you already have Xporter installed (for an existing data extraction to e.g. send data to your LA) it will apply the latest version of Xporter and carry out a basic health check and repair.
  • Install or upgrade the Groupcall WebService.
    • If you are running any other Groupcall products that use the Groupcall WebService, the latest version will be applied.
    • Please contact us before installing IDaaS if you are running Groupcall Emerge on the same server that will run IDaaS.
  • Prompt you to enter your 'IDaaS school administration Username and Password'.
  • Carry out various 'behind-the-scenes' tasks to set-up your system ready for IDaaS.
    • A unique identifier is generated to authenticate the server running IDaaS in your school to the IDaaS service held in the Azure cloud.
    • Enable Service Bus within the Groupcall Management Console - to allow communication with Azure.
    • Tells IDaaS in the cloud what the unique identifier for you school is, how to reach your schools installation of IDaaS and any other provisioning specific connection details.

As you can see from the above, a number of other services are involved in the setting up of IDaaS - if the installer fails with connectivity or time out errors, you should verify that all URLs are accessible as defined in the Xporter and IDaaS pre-requisites. You can then restart the installation once connectivity is restored.


Installation Walk-through

Download the installation file from the link you have been given, then save and run the file you downloaded as appropriate for your organisation.

Having started the '.exe' file running, you will find it a straightforward process to click through the installer.Accept the default installation points and select “Install”… IDaaS_Installer_1
Enter details of a technical contact.transparent_10x10Why are you asking me for this information? IDaaS_Installer_TechContact
Select SIMS from the list of MISs.At present, SIMS is the only supported MIS. If you have another MIS that you would like to use with IDaaS, please contact us.

Then click 'next' or 'install' as appropriate on the next few windows.Some files will be downloaded and you will see various information presented on screen along with some progress bars. Wait for this to complete.

When you see the SIMS.Net login screen within the installer you need to enter the 'groupcall user' credentials for your SIMS installation.Click 'Login' in order to verify the details and connection.

If you get a username or password error then try a different user or follow our SIMS user creation video and use that user to connect with instead.You shouldn’t click Next until you have a green connection message. If you’re unable to get a green connection message and have met all MIS specific Xporter pre-requisites then please contact us.

Verify your school details are correct. These details are read from SIMS, and MUST MATCH the details provided to the third party when you originally requested IDaaS credentials.The LA code and Establishment code (DfES code when used together*) form part of the authentication process so accuracy is paramount.

You can change the information shown here if you need to, if there is an error here, you should ensure you update SIMS also.

*In the example shown the DfES code would be 3281096.

The installer will now carry out various tasks... IDaaS_Installer_Progress
...including downloading Xporter scripts and starting the various services required to run IDaaS, and carrying out some post-install checks.Please wait for these tasks to complete. When they are completed, you will see a list confirming the Services have started and the scripts have downloaded as shown in the screen shot to the right.If you encounter any errors here, please check all pre-requisites are met. If this does not help, please contact us. IDaaS_Installer_Service&ScriptsIDaaS_Installer_XporterOK

Xporter, the Groupcall/Emerge WebService and the Groupcall/Emerge Management Console are now installed.

Next, we will configure the IDaaS settings and provide connection details.

You will now need to enter the IDaaS school administration Username and Password with which you were provided.If you do not have this information, please speak to the third party to whom you are provisioning your school data. Groupcall do not hold these details so cannot help in the event of lost credentials.There will be a short pause whilst the credentials are verified with the IDaaS registration service.  IDaaS_Installer_IDaaSCredentials
If you have connectivity issues, you will see an error like this stating that the IDaaS registration service could not be contacted... please check that the pre-requisites are met and that there are no general connectivity issues.  IDaaS_Installer_connectionerror
If you have entered the credentials incorrectly you will see an error like this stating that the credentials you have provided have not been accepted by IDaaS... please check they are correct. If they have been entered as supplied, please contact the third party that provided them to you.  IDaaS_Installer_credentialerror
Once the credentials are verified, you will see a confirmation window that the installer has completed.Clear each tick box and select finish.   IDaaS_Installer_endCLEAR



Click here to close the walk-through


Congratulations, you have completed the installation of IDaaS (including Xporter, the Groupcall Management Console and the Groupcall WebService)!

You should now inform the Local Authority or third-party whom provide IDaaS to you that the installation is complete and they will advise you on what to do next.