IDaaS Data Lifecycle

Your data’s point of origin remains in the school MIS and IDaaS is populated by the detection of such changes in your MIS system.  Where third party systems are forward provisioned, they also rely upon IDaaS detecting changes and instructing them to the third party system.


New or changed records

When a staff, student, contact or other person or record is created or changed in your MIS the next request of data by IDaaS will contain that new or changed record if it is part of the set of data the third party systems requests.


Deleted records

When a staff, student, contact or other record is deleted from your MIS or falls outside of the selection criteria (for example a student becomes off roll) then they stop appearing in data sets returned to IDaaS.  However IDaaS retains users even when they are not associated to any schools, for a defined period of time e.g. 6 months, to allow for Summer break and travelling families and in order to allow migration of users throughout the education sector.


Termination of service

Revocation of access for IDaaS third party systems does not remove data from those systems; you need to follow through an exit process with each individual third party system in such a case.

If an IDaaS user is registered by virtue of two or more schools then they will retain their identity but the data for that user relating to your school establishment will be removed.