The Groupcall Administrator

Groupcall provides support in the form of;

  • 24/7 telephone assistance,
  • printed or online documentation,
  • online help,
  • user group meetings,
  • CPD training events and
  • web based training.

All of these efforts should be supported by a 'Groupcall Administrator'.

What is the Groupcall Administrator?

We have found that having a link between the Groupcall Support Team and a named internal representative (i.e. a school employee, teacher or LA employee) has proved to be extremely effective by improving the success rates in implementing and maintaining Groupcall Products within a typical, and sometimes complex, school-based infrastructure.

By taking this approach we find that new systems are implemented properly and existing systems continue to function at optimal efficiency - we hope you will agree and benefit from this way of working!


If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague as your organisation's Groupcall Administrator, please get in touch telling us your organisation name and the person originally responsible for Groupcall products.