Why can’t I see lesson attendance/assessment/behaviour for all of my children?

  • Not all schools take Lesson attendance all the time.
    • Lesson Attendance is the taking of a register at the start of each lesson and recording who is in attendance for that period or lesson; e.g. English mid-morning. Session Attendance is the taking of a register once in the morning and once again in the afternoon to record which students were in school that morning or afternoon. They do take Session attendance however as this is a mandatory requirement for government reporting.
  • Some schools may choose not to make assessment/behaviour/achievements visible to parents all the time.
  • Your child may not have any recent assessment/behaviour/achievements records - Emerge for Parents only shows recent information so as to control the size of data and limit large amounts of information from becoming too large to store.

If in doubt, you should talk to your school.

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